Legs Can’t Cry Down The Road

May it be the Europe, Asia or Africa, falls are the number 01 reason for adult deaths as per the statistics. Although the lives are well spent running, jumping, jogging while making fun, what if, this would be the condition you fall in to when your days as a senior citizen arrive? Experts say that there can be diverse reasons for these falls happening at old ages, but it is always best to be vigilant on the foot pains coming on and off as a proactive measure. Here are some tips to keep your feet and ankles healthy and clean. You basically don’t have to be an elderly person to follow the tips, because these are quite generic and can be adopted by anyone without any age barrier.

Pain is not to be ignored

Getting a pain in the leg is not a mere consequence of getting old. This is not a normal condition as everyone says. As everyone says this is normal, and that they do not care, the foot pains are easily gone ignored no matter how severe they are. People show a greater reluctance in visiting a foot doctor Bentleigh these days and they often fear if they did, they will get subjected to surgeries and other cost creating events unnecessarily. So act for the aching, act for the pain- before it’s too late.

Let your feet get good exercises

Mobility in your feet and the ankles is key. You also need to have the strength in your feet, even when you are aged. This can prevent falls a big time, as per the records. So, engage in simple stretching exercises, and this will, most of the time, provide relief to some of your pains as well. Not all foot exercises that you find on internet can be appropriate for you, so it is always advisable to get your physician’s opinion on the most suitable exercise pieces for you.

Safety first

Sometimes your foot doctor may have prescribed certain footwear to be used. Make sure you follow the prescriptions when you are engaged in day to day activities. Also, if you have already been diagnosed with some leg issue, and do come across any bumps, lumps or any other change, make sure you make an immediate visit to your clinic, since these can be critical signals that should not be missed. After all, you are supposed to be the gatekeeper of your own foot health. Whatever it is, what we have to keep in mind is that one fall is all it takes to make one elderly person bed ridden forever. This will entirely take away the independence of that person forever, and gradually will lessen the quality of his life. So, why hesitate to act early, and then ensure that the time ahead as a senior citizen is well spent with perfect mobility and functionality?