Can IPL And Microdermabrasion Treatments Become More Economic?

Everyone has an intense desire to look beautiful. But not all can afford those highly expensive beauty treatments offered in exotic salons and clinics of big cities. Some has to retrain themselves to whatever treatments available to them in their budget. Apart from that, many salons and newly established clinics also wish to incorporate these treatments in their services, but high prices of the equipment restrain them to do so. Now the question is can these treatments can be made economic by some way or the other with minimal or no difference in their effectiveness? Yes, there are certain ways by which you can get similar if not the same effects. Let’s find out how?

Look for a second hand IPL machine!

Buying a second hand IPL machine can be a very good means of combating the price of overall treatment. So if you read a sign IPL machine for sale at Spectrum Science and Beauty don’t ignore it without giving it a check. But it is important to note here that by second hand I never mean on compromising on the quality, condition and configuration of the machines. You have to be very careful keeping your eyes and ears open and find a good refurbished machine for your salon or the clinic. Second hand machine is also a convenient option because these days demand for such machines is quite high and the supply is less. Apart from this, those new suppliers who have entered the market have also made the entire process complicated. So, buying second hand ipl machines is a good idea. You will be in a position to offer various related treatments at much less rates as compared to the clinics who have purchased the fresh equipments.

Home microdermabrasion systems are quite economic!

Microdermabrasion treatment mainly depends on scrubbing of the skin with crystals mainly aluminium oxide crystals or diamonds depending on microdermabrasion machines. The friction produced by the crystals scrubs off the dead and dull skin. There are many home microdermabrasion creams and scrubs endorsed by celebrities but they are just fancy cosmetics with very less effectiveness as compared to what is done by the physician or the cosmetologists. These creams do scrub off the dull skin but that clinic like friction is impossible to achieve.

Dermanesse Professional Microdermabrasion System has been quite successful in producing salon or clinic like effects on the user. It enables the user to apply aluminium oxide crystals directly on the skin and the friction produced is similar to what is produced in the clinics. You will have to be careful about the time to be used on particular areas and may witness redness for few hours. Single sitting at a physician may take around 200$, but this microdermabrasion home machine will cost you much less.